Gino Velardi is a Colorado native who is fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer. Velardi has no formal training but with his dedication, hard work and continuous research, has successfully attained the status of a high-level fashion designer. This status is validated by the awards and media attention received for his design work. In 2011 Gino was voted Denver’s Best Fashion Designer at the first annual Denver Style Expo.

Velardi’s style focuses on high-end clothing made from luxurious fabrics, elegant designs and obviously fearless sexuality. Velardi has created a niche by providing custom order designs for his clients and the most requested are gorgeous evening gowns, flirty cocktail dresses, stylish suits, coats, and one-of-a-kind wedding gowns. Velardi possesses the invaluable gift of the ability to focus on a woman’s body and her specific needs. Velardi’s vision is to make every woman feel sexy, confident and beautiful when wearing his designs. His grandmother, mother and sister serve as inspiration which enables him to design a wide range of designs any generation can pick from.

After staging numerous fashion shows and concentrating on establishing a foundation for a profitable business, Velardi has built a solid base for his future business endeavors, while continuously absorbing the fashion business with every season. Typically, Velardi is involved in every aspect of the production of his designs, from the initial sketch to the finished product. He meticulously supervises all of the sewing, handwork and alterations himself. While producing a particularly demanding fashion show, Velardi works with expert hairstylists and makeup artists to make his vision come to life. With their help, he is able to manage a dependable team that allows him to maintain the integrity of his designs and present his well-known runway shows.

A few years ago, Velardi’s dream of being a high-level designer was nearly shattered when he suffered a stroke followed by threatening health issues that left him uncertain about his future. However, this uncertainty fueled his desire and he overcame the odds by persevering and diving head-first back into fashion design. With the near loss of his dream, Velardi gained a new appreciation for his work and dedication to fashion design. His flair for design and his conscious efforts to understand a woman’s body and what they require for their lifestyles, places him in high demand. Velardi is humbled by how well his custom order business has developed. He always pushes himself to create something new and exciting for his growing number of clients. His latest venture is designing a line of handbags so keep an eye out for your own Gino Velardi bag!